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Thewa Jewellery

Thewa the exquisite art of jewellery making from the land of royal colours- Rajasthan, conceived during Mughal dynasty around 350 yrs. ago in a princely state of Rajputs, when art and splendour were a way of life.

The art was started by a single family of Marwar, who shared the secret of  its making amongst them, generation to generation, virtually unchanged. Beginning of this unique art is still a mystery. Thewa is a traditional art of fusing 23K Gold with multicoloured glass. The glass  is treated by a special process to have glittering effects, which in turn highlights the intricate gold work. The whole Thewa piece is hand crafted over a period of one month by skilled artisans. Thewa, an art that pulsates     with life, caught seemingly in movement, in motifs used    on  jewellery, which shows the culture, heritage and tales    of romance and valour of Rajasthan with nature and happiness depicting the art of the fine craftsmanship.

 Jusra brings elegant Thewa Jewellery ornamented with world famous jewels of Jaipur, which adds exotic flavour of creative imagination with coloured gems, spreading the fragrance of distinct poetry in each design.

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