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“Marriages are made in Heaven” Let’s celebrate this special occasion with innovative Thewa design from Jusra.


Yellow gold is rightly described as “The Sunshine you can touch”. Imagine this sunshine blended with shimmering multicolored glasses. Such a Jewellery will mesmerize and inspire awe.
 but… you need not imagine because it has already happened. In fact it happened during the mughal era in 17th century in a princely state of Marvar, Rajasthan. Thewa Art was born.


Women’s desire for ornamentation is perhaps as old as special, shimmering blend of gold and multicolored glasses will add a touch of elegance to leave an ever-lasting impression.

“Thewa is an art of fusing colored glass with gold, started in 17th  Century by a single family. Thewa jewellery is made by using an intricately carved sheet of 23ct gold on multicolored molten glass, A glitter of colorful glasses further enhances the beauty of already glittering gold and makes you feel like “maharani”. Jusra in its Thewa Jewellery uses motifs of animals, flowers, leaves etc. depicting the art of fine craftsmanship.

Jusra fills a vacuum in the field of classy ethnic jewellery which can be a prefect accessory for special Occasions like wedding Apart from Thewa, Jusra needs no introduction to the world for the beautiful Minakari jewellery that it has in its store. Minakari is a Craft which has a long history of enduring creativity of artisans and came to India in the 16th Century. Real enameling on Silver with gold polished.

A glitter of colourful glasses further enhances the beauty of already glittering gold and makes you feel like “maharani”.


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