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Minakari Jewellery

Minakari Jewellery, the craft which has a long history of enduring creativity of the spirit of artisans came to India in the 16th century to establish glorious tradition in miniature art.

This beautiful art of jewellery making blended with a touch of royalty when the ruler of Jaipur, Raja Sawai Man Singh invited five enamel craftsmen from Lahore to bring their artistry in Rajasthan. Mewar area became the great center for Minakari on Silver, where ancient skills have been revived resulting in the eloquent expression of an old art from to craft colourful pieces. In Minakari, an ornament is crafted in gold & silver and then the artist draw the desired design that is then outlined by the engraver to make the enamel adhere firmly. Enameller then brush the ornament on the engraved design with special colours called meena in red, green, black, yellow, blue etc.

The glittering finish on embellished piece enhances the beauty by play of light and shade through transparent colours. The delicate floral designs with imaginative blend of traditional patterns and colours give Jusra Minakari Jewellery an especially, distinctive look.

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