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In the world of fashion and design there is an all round revival of styles of the lost eras in jewellery. Exotic yet trendy, Jusra International Jewels, a range of jewellery that evokes as much passion as a lyrical creation. Though Jusra is constantly working towards keeping the traditional arts alive, contemporary jewellery is aimed at satisfying the modern woman who likes to wear jewellery, not lock it up in bank vaults. Be it Thewa, Victorian, Kundan and Minakari., Jusra's jewellery presents the best of traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary look and feel.

There has been continuous improvement of designs, concept and even technique of making jewellery. Jusra is a part of path breaking innovation, which has revived traditional jewellery  with a new dimension. The base of this range includes Thewa, Kundan, Victorian and Minakari.

One of the most important points to remember about Jusra jewellery is that it fills a vacuum in the field of classy ethnic Indian jewellery which can be a perfect accessory for evening wear. 

The Jusra collection can also be viewed by appointment, via special events and through private arrangement with the designer. Please contact us for further information.

Meaning of 'JUSRA'
“Marriages are made in Heaven” Let’s celebrate this special occasion with innovative Thewa design from Jusra.   more
 The first three letters 'JUS' means 'Yash' i.e. Glory. The last two letters 'RA' means 'to take higher'. Thus 'JUSRA' means 'Taking the Glory higher'.

guarantees to the purchaser that for life long, the company will repair or replace free of charge any part or parts or whole of the product. We offer exchange value of the product after 3 years. 

Business Strategy:
Through Exhibition & Dealers Network

Jusra believes in constant growth and are thoroughly professional in our outlook. Ours is a team of dedicated professionals, skilled artisans who all are experienced in their respective fields.







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